IPO closed
IPO closed
Bids for 326562 shares have been collected.
Published on 08.10.2013, 01:28:16 by Leszek Rychlewski

Other reports

offer rejected
Buy back offer has not been accepted. No shares have been transferred.
Published on 17.01.2014, 12:06:08 by Leszek Rychlewski
buy back offer
The buy back offer will end on Friday 2014-01-17 12:00 CET.
Published on 15.01.2014, 16:58:48 by Leszek Rychlewski
share transfer
PicoStocks has received on offer to buy shares at a price of $2.35 per share. This is an excellent profit for the investment when accounted in USD. Shares where purchased 3 months ago at a price of $1.2176 per share. However this is a loss if accounted in BTC due to the rising BTC valuation against USD. PicoStocks offers to buy back the shares from users at 0.0028 BTC per share. The buy order has been placed. All shares sold to Pico (1MrS3zrk3CYyckxZU9UXBop2TMASnFm6yD) will be delisted. Shares not sold to Pico will stay on the PicoStocks platform.
Published on 15.01.2014, 13:00:20 by Leszek Rychlewski
Trading started
Shareholder status confirmation has been received. Trading started.
Published on 17.10.2013, 14:32:33 by Leszek RychlewskiLink to the original
IPO will close 2013-10-07 24:00 CET
IPO will close end of Monday Central European Time (same time zone as displayed on the IPO page).
Published on 07.10.2013, 11:10:04 by Leszek Rychlewski
IPO extended until the 7th of October
We will finish the IPO after the 7th of October.
Published on 05.10.2013, 02:21:31 by Leszek Rychlewski
First products in December
The first products will be shipped in December, not as previously stated January.
Published on 05.10.2013, 01:25:34 by Leszek Rychlewski
CoinTerra IPO
CoinTerra is at the stage of tape out of a 28nm chip for BTC mining (Global Foundries, 28nm HPP node, FCBGA Package, 1.4GHz clock frequency yielding a minimum of 500 GH/s per chip, operated at 0.765V). The first products based on this chip will be shipped in January. Current value of the company is estimated at 20M USD (pre-money valuation). The company has 16 425 293 outstanding shares. The company offers shares at 1.2176 USD per share, which was translated to 0.01 BTC. The IPO process must be finished before 2013-10-05.
Published on 03.10.2013, 23:05:32 by Leszek Rychlewski