New service version
New service version
We are in the process of updating picostocks.com . The new service version will provide access to ETH tokens and to other selected crypto currencies. API access is available now and will be expanded in the future. We will change to a newer layout in 1-2 months.
Published on 16.05.2018, 18:32:09 by David Lang

Other reports

New SSL EV certificate
We have obtained an SSL EV certificate for the web page for the web page managing entity: BioInfoBank [spzoo/ltd]. We are working on moving the service to new hardware that will be administrated by PicoStock directly.
Published on 18.04.2013, 16:31:37 by Leszek Rychlewski
First dividend payment
First dividend has been paid to the investors. The dividend was 0.00032956BTC per share. A total of 45.51202582BTC has been paid to shareholders of assets floated on PicoStocks. From now on the dividend will be paid on first day of each month on 00:01:00.
Published on 03.02.2013, 02:37:17 by Leszek RychlewskiLink to the original
IPO closed
The first Picostocks IPO* was closed today. The IPO* raised 7181.096 BTC in exchange of 138098 shares of PicoStocks (13.8%).
Published on 05.01.2013, 01:42:45 by Leszek Rychlewski
IPO close on 2013-01-04 24:00 CET
We will close the IPO* today midnight. We will probably accept the lowest valuation at 0.05 because the volume of the offers is not very large (lower than the maximum) and thus we will only loose ca. 10% of our profits.
Published on 04.01.2013, 18:08:02 by Leszek Rychlewski
IPO close on 2013-01-04
The IPO* process will be closed on Friday 2013-01-04. Because in the case of this asset no contract signature with PicoStocks / the IPO office is needed, the trading of the asset will start shortly after closing the IPO*.
Published on 01.01.2013, 13:22:12 by Leszek Rychlewski
First IPO on PicoStocks
We are launching the PicoStocks platform with the first Initial PicoStocks Offering (IPO*). In this IPO* we offer shares of profits from the PicoStocks platform itself. Based on the provided business plan we value the platform at 100k BTC. The total number of shares is 1M (one million). In this IPO* we will offer a maximum of 20% of the future profits, i.e. 200k shares. These should correspond to ca. 20k BTC at 0.1 BTC per share. The minimum price we will accept is half of that: 0.05BTC per share.
Published on 21.12.2012, 18:11:41 by Leszek RychlewskiLink to the original