What we have achieved?
What we have achieved?
- The foundation of India Cosmetics company. - The development and manufacturing of eight products, stocking up a storehouse in Poznań. - The development of a website, including an online store in multiple languages, providing a possibility to pay with BitCoin. - Distinguishing of a target ...
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Published on 29.12.2014, 11:20:36 by Przemysław Jakubowski

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News from April
-extended development of our IT system managing sales and storehouse -first big bulk-sale of Q-lotion – 400 units -extension of products available in E.Leclerc in Konin to the full line of our cosmetics -extension of oil products – limited edition of milk thistle oil, peanut oil, makadamia oil, weat germ oil, -sea-buckthorn oil, sesame seed oil, corn oil, garlic and sunflower oil, walnut oil, broad bean oil -finalisation of the first newspaper advertisement in „Spliff”
Published on 08.05.2015, 14:35:34 by Przemyslaw Jakubowski
March development
-Achieving March sales goals in 100% -First sales of the Q lotion - new product counteracting bedsores -Starting work on bulk sale of cannabis oil -Obtainment of a quality certificate from a scientific unit Bioinfobank for the Q-lotion -Starting negotiations with a potential key partner - net sales worth of €350.000
Published on 31.03.2015, 15:17:51 by Przemyslaw Jakubowski
News from February
-Implementation of new IT system to count mark-up for sales staff -Entering E.Leclerc, supermarket chain with our products, starting with Konin -Final works on India Perfumes, expected introduction to the market - April/May 2015 -Starting production of Q Lotion - new product counteracting bedsores and establishing web page for it, www.balsamq.pl -Starting work on implementing HACCP
Published on 02.03.2015, 11:03:34 by Przemysław Jakubowski
First steps in January
- Foundation of a new office dedicated to India’s sales department and equipping it in furniture and electronics - Employing new staff, fluent in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian - Development of India Ukraine with the first big wholesale - Intense development on the Spanish market - Reaching over 20 different sales points in Poland and EU - Negotiating with E. Leclerc – supermarket chain, to expand our sales - Launching new product – Q lotion – counteracting bedsores - Intense search engine optimization helped to increase visits on www.indiacosmetics.pl by 100% from September till January
Published on 10.02.2015, 08:29:28 by Przemyslaw Jakubowski
India - trading started
Picostocks Inc. owns 40% of shares in India Sp. z o.o (Polish National Court Register Nr 0000493497). All these shares are now released for trading on PicoStocks.
Published on 29.05.2014, 12:32:47 by India Link to the original