Frequently asked questions
  • What is the mission of PicoStocks?

    PicoStocks is aimed to provide solutions for two problems:

    1. assessment of value of small startup companies and similar high risk assets,

    2. access to seed financing for very early stage startup companies or projects.

  • What is the innovation of PicoStocks?

    Several aspects of PicoStocks are innovative:

    - In comparison to other popular crowd financing platforms that do not offer purchase of shares PicoStocks offers the option to invest in profits from shares almost like on any other stock exchange platform

    - In comparison to other stock exchange platforms PicoStocks offers unprecedented transparency allowing everybody to monitor market position and transactions of any other PicoStocks users

    - PicoStocks rewards users who successfully listed assets on PicoStocks with 1% participation in future revenues from dividends, listing fees and delisting income (sells of the assets by PicoStocks)

    - PicoStocks takes advantage of the anonymity of the bitcoin network to offer anonymous assessment of value of assets

  • How can I assess the value of shares of stocks of a small startup company?

    You can register the shares as an asset at PicoStocks and go through an Initial PicoStocks Offering procedure (IPO). See below how to go through the IPO.

  • What is Initial Picostocks Offering (IPO)?

    This procedure is similar to filling a book of orders before a normal initial public offering. To start the process You should describe the company using a general information form containing most technical information such as name, address, outstanding shares etc. You should also add a business plan and reports describing the IPO and more detailed information about the company. After the presentation of the asset is completed You can launch the assessment process by sending the nonrefundable IPO fee (minimum 50BTC) to the dedicated PicoStocks bitcoin account created for the asset. 50% of the fee will be used to rewards users who will place bids for the asset. The reward is proportional to the total costs of the bids. To encourage a more active evaluation You can send a bigger amount than the minimum 50BTC fee. You can use the bids to estimate the amount of BTC you would get for selling the asset to PicoStocks. Please remember that a 4% fee applies. Please also remember that bids can be canceled by the users any time so don't prolong the IPO. The IPO is automatically canceled (the asset is withdrawn) after 2 weeks so don't miss this deadline. If You accept the IPO evaluation You can close it at a selected price. After this You have 2 weeks to sign the sales contract with PicoStocks and submit the signed documents to the IPO office. If You miss this deadline the IPO will be canceled (the asset will be withdrawn from the system). You can also cancel the IPO any time yourself if You are not satisfied with the results and withdraw the asset. In such case all investments in bids for the shares of this asset will be returned to the investors. The IPO fee will be used for the reward as mentioned before. On the other hand, if You finalize the sales deal after accepting the conditions (number of shares and price) the trading of the assets will start after the signed documents arrive and are accepted by the IPO office. The investors will collect the reward independent of Your decision.

  • How can I raise money for a startup company on PicoStocks?

    The company can issue shares and sell them to PicoStocks via the Initial PicoStocks Offering (see above).

  • How can I list an asset on Picostocks?

    You have to evaluate it via the IPO procedure (see above) and sell it to PicoStocks if You accept the results of the IPO. You can withdraw the asset if You are not satisfied with the assessment (bids).

  • How can I make profits on PicoStocks?

    You can generate income through PicoStocks in various ways:

    - You can sell assets to PicoStocks through the IPO procedure and collect 96% of the filled bid orders

    - You can collect 1% of all future listing fees, dividends and delisting fees related to the sold assets

    - You can generate income from transactions on the PicoStocks platform if Your trades generate profit

    - You can collect assessment rewards by placing bids on assets during IPO (50% of the IPO fee is distributed across the initial investors proportional to their bid volume)

  • Do I own assets I buy on PicoStocks?

    No. In general, PicoStocks remains the legal owner of the assets. You can sell the asset to other PicoStocks traders to disinvest. However if You own a large fraction of the shares of the asset traded on PicoStocks You can contact the IPO office to discuss the option to delist the shares. PicoStocks can sell shares to other parties as part of it's business model. A 2% fee will apply in this case.

  • What are the fees on PicoStocks?

    PicoStocks collects following fees:

    - There is a minimum fee of 50BTC to for launching an IPO process

    - There is a 4% fee from all bitcoins (BTC) collected via the IPO process

    - There is a 2% fee from dividends and income from delisting (sells of the assets by PicoStocks) distributed across shareholder of the asset

    - There is a 1% fee from all trading transactions on PicoStocks paid only by the seller of the asset

    - There is a 0.0005 BTC network fee from all outgoing bitcoin transfers

    PicoStocks collects listing fees in form of an invoice from the listed companies but this fee is not mandatory. As mentioned above, 50% of the funds collected though the listing fee (minimum 25BTC) are forwarded to shareholders as a reward for continuous assessment of the company. Dividends and income from delisting are converted into bitcoins (BTC) before rewarding the shareholders. 1% of dividend and delisting income is given to the initial owner of the asset who sold it to PicoStocks through the IPO process. Another 1% is kept by PicoStocks.

  • Is PicoStocks safe?

    Picostocks has implemented various measures to ensure higher safety of the platform.

    - PicoStocks uses a cold storage account to limit the risk of hacking the daily bitcoin transfer wallet.

    - PicoStocks executes bitcoin transfers only to the bitcoin account that was used to create the PicoStocks account so hijacking user’s credentials will not give unlimited access to the bitcoins stored in the account wallet. The intruder can however execute trades on PicoStocks with the stolen account.

    - All transactions and bitcoin transfers are open to the public to allow third parties to detect intrusions or suspicious behavior.

  • How can I deposit funds on PicoStocks?

    After creating an account You can send bitcoins to Your dedicated PicoStocks bitcoin address. Contact us if You don't have bitcoins.

  • Can I view latest transactions?

    Yes. They are available here.

  • Can I view bitcoin transfers of all users?

    Yes. They are available here.

  • Can I view transfers of IPO fees and dividends from assets?

    Yes. They are available here.

  • Can I view incomes from IPO, dividends and fees?

    Yes. They are available here.

  • Can I view profits and dividends paid by PicoStocks?

    Yes. Of course: profits and dividends paid.