What is the mission of PicoStocks?


PicoStocks is aimed to provide solutions for three main problems:

1. assessment of value of small startup companies and similar high risk assets.

2. access to seed financing for very early stage startup companies or projects.

3. identification of experts for a broad spectrum of high-tech disciplines.

What is the innovation of PicoStocks?


Several aspects of PicoStocks are innovative:

In comparison to other popular crowd financing platforms that do not offer purchase of shares PicoStocks offers the option to invest in profits from shares almost like on any other stock exchange platform

In comparison to other stock exchange platforms PicoStocks offers unprecedented transparency allowing everybody to monitor market position and transactions of any other PicoStocks users

PicoStocks takes advantage of the anonymity of blockchain networks to offer anonymous assessment of value of assets

How can I list an asset on Picostocks?


The listing is a manual procedure that requires a review of the asset.
Only assets traded in ERC20 format are accepted.
Contact us to initiate it.

How can I raise money for a new ICO project?


The listing is a manual procedure that requires a review of the project.
After the review the asset will be listed as an innovative ethereum ERC20pico contract.
Contact us to initiate it.

How can I raise money for a startup company on PicoStocks?


A company can issue shares and sell them to PicoStocks via the Initial PicoStocks Offering (IPO).
The IPO process is equivalent to an initial coin offering (ICO) but with an innovative contract (ERC20pico).
Contact us to initiate it.

Do I own assets I buy on PicoStocks?


If the asset is an ERC20 token then You can deposit and withdraw the asset anytime.
If the asset is a regular company then PicoStocks remains the legal owner of the assets.
You can sell the asset to other PicoStocks traders to disinvest.
However if You own a substantial fraction of the shares of the asset traded on PicoStocks You can contact us to discuss the options to delist the shares.

What are the fees on PicoStocks?


PicoStocks collects following fees:

There is a 0.2% fee from all trading transactions on PicoStocks paid only by the taker of the order

There is a minimum fee of 1BTC for listing an ERC20 token

There is a minimum fee of 1BTC for launching an IPO process

There is a 2% fee from dividends and income from delisting (sells of the assets by PicoStocks) distributed across shareholder of the asset

There are token withdraw fees that depend on the idividual token