100th : Failed production and change of investment parameters
After reviewing the H-board received from the production facility (http://bioinfo.pl/pub/pico/hcard-production.jpg) we have discovered that the PCB boards used for assembly contain a serious flaw. The boards were designed as 4-layer PCBs (http://bioinfo.pl/pub/pico/hcard-traces.png, http://bioinfo.pl/pub/pico/hcard-design.jpg) while only 2 layers were produced (http://bioinfo.pl/pub/pico/hcard_front.jpg, http://bioinfo.pl/pub/pico/hcard_back.jpg). The hashing boards are of course not functional without the 2 internal layers (green and yellow traces) that contain the SPI communication paths to the ASIC chips.

This production failure was caused by a wrong conversion of eagle files to gerber files by the contractor (PCB production and assembly facility). This error could not have been anticipated by us and was a shock to us.

We need to produce new PCBs and populate them with chips. This delays the deployment by an additional month and causes substantial losses for the 100th-mine investors. As a response we will increase the hashing power of the mine to 200TH/s in the next 2 months.
Created on 2013-08-13 20:14:00 by Leszek Rychlewski; Published on 2013-08-13 20:18:08 by koji;