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What is Picostocks?

Picostocks facilitates valuation and fundraising for startup projects and companies and offers valuable services and benefits for investors, entrepreneurs and public funding agencies.

our innovationOur innovation

Picostock benefits from the innovative character of the bitcoin network and offers on one hand unprecedented transparency of transactions and on the other hand the benefits of anonymity:

all bitcoin transfers between users and PicoStocks are public

all transactions, fees, rewards and dividend payments within PicoStocks are public

investors canInvestors can...

collect rewards by evaluating assets offered
by other members

profit from transactions on the PicoStocks platform

participate in profits from dividends from assets You hold on PicoStocks

benefit from the anonymity of the bitcoin network

entrepreneurs canEntrepreneurs can...

raise capital for the company by selling stocks of the company to PicoStocks after accepting the results of the IPO

monitor the valuation of the company as on any other stock exchange platform but with much less formal requirements and at a much lower cost

Easy to use platform

PicoStocks provides a transparent stock exchange platform where experts can buy and trade shares in future profits from R&D projects.

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