High-tech startup fundraising, evaluation and profit sharing


Picostock benefits from the innovative character of blockchain networks and offers on one hand unprecedented transparency of transactions and on the other hand the benefits of anonymity of the assessment process:

  • all transfers between users and PicoStocks are public
  • all transactions, fees, rewards and dividend payments within PicoStocks are public
  • accounts on picostocks can remain anonymous and facilitate anonymous peer review of projects and companies
  • despite the anonymity of account holders evaluations are expected to reflect real market valuation because the evaluators have to use own funds to place bids for offered assets
  • because the valuation process is inexpensive, anonymous and relatively accurate it can be used by funding agencies to evaluate plausibility of grant proposals submitted by the listed companies and assess the effects of projects conducted or completed with public funding support.


  • You can obtain valuation of assets You own by the PicoStocks community through an Initial PicoStocks Offering (IPO)
  • You can sell Your assets to PicoStocks if You are satisfied with the IPO evaluation results
  • You can collect rewards by evaluating assets offered by other PicoStocks members
  • You can participate in profits from dividends from assets You hold on PicoStocks
  • You can benefit from the anonymity of the bitcoin network


  • You can obtain initial valuation of assets of Your company at any stage of development, much cheaper and much faster than through other public stock exchange platforms
  • You can raise capital for the company by selling stocks of the company to PicoStocks after accepting the results of the IPO
  • You can monitor the valuation of the company as on any other stock exchange platform but with much less formal requirements and at a much lower cost

Picostocks facilitates valuation and fundraising for startup projects and companies and offers valuable services and benefits for investors, entrepreneurs and public funding agencies.

There are many public agencies aimed at funding research and development (R&D) projects and high-tech startups. Many of the agencies suffer from a set of common problems:

  1. Funding agencies spend a disproportionately large amount of money on R&D projects compared to the almost negligible income from commercial exploitation of project results.
  2. Researches are sometimes forced to submit patent applications to meet project deliverables but these patents present often no commercial value and the patents expire immediately due to non payment of patent fees.
  3. Funding agencies are obliged to present analyses of effects of research funding on economy but fail to master this task. The reports do not answer the basic question whether the funding was needed or efficiently spent.
  4. Many research teams that apply for funding have limited expertise in technology transfer and are unable to present projects results in a format compatible with the requirements of potential investors.
  5. The database of experts available for reviewing funding applications is often very limited and for many projects no appropriate reviewer can be employed. As a result reviews have low quality.
  6. There are many investment funds looking for investment opportunities also in high-risk high-gain projects, but the funds are unable to identify interesting opportunities in excessive databases of funded projects.

PicoStocks is aimed at addressing these problems by providing a transparent stock exchange platform where experts can buy and trade shares in future profits from R&D projects:

  1. The system facilitates commercial exploitation of research results through sales of shares in projects as an additional exploitation route. After initial floating of small share packages, larger packages could be offered upon successful project completion.
  2. The system provides additional funding source for research organization that could be used for covering patenting costs.
  3. The system offers market oriented assessment of commercial prospects of R&D project.
  4. The system boosts the ability of research teams to present projects in a format that facilitates assessment of commercial prospects and is compatible with the needs of investors.
  5. Due to its transparency the system facilitates the creation of a database of skilled experts with a combined ability to assess projects in a wide spectrum of disciplines.
  6. The system promotes fundraising for follow up stages of commercial exploitation of R&D projects.